What is NFYL Capernaum?

​​While all North Fulton Young Life activities are open to every student, friends with special needs can also experience faith, fun and adventure through NFYL Capernaum.  They discover a place to build friendships through Capernaum Clubs, opportunities for Camping adventures, All Area Events and relationships with Capernaum Leaders and Buddies. 

Typically individuals with special needs (ages 14-23) participate in NFYL Capernaum with additional opportunities in leadership for those serving as a Capernaum Buddy, Capernaum Leader or in Capernaum Beyond (age 23+ or graduated from high school). Presently, families come from Roswell, Alpharetta, Milton and surrounding communities. 

Capernaum Buddy: Juniors & Seniors in high school who encourage their friends with special needs to explore and grow in faith through friendship and meaningful fun.

Capernaum Leader:  Adults who invest in friends with special needs by accepting them as they are, sharing life & adventure, and inviting them to explore faith in God

Capernaum Beyond: Capernaum friends (age 23+ or graduated from high school) with a peer leadership role in NFYL Capernaum Club who seek to grow their faith and participate in service opportunities. 

Please contact Heather Powell, Director of NFYL Capernaum for more information. Involved with Young Life since the 1990's, Heather has also worked in the local church and as Job Coach for adults with disabilities. ​
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