Volunteer Leaders


Milton/ Cambridge High School Team

  • Jamie Settle
  • Chris Cushman
  • Trip Doster
  • Miles Martin
  • Courtney Denis
  • Rachel Graham
  • David Fallis
  • Jonathan Thiel
  • Pam Haight

Roswell High School Team

  • Tim Brady
  • Abby Manly
  • Mandy Davis
  • Ryan Burle
  • Matt O'Neill
  • Kelly Anne O'Neill
  • Grier Brown
  • Tyler Lloyd
  • Tony DeVictor
  • Christina DeVictor
  • Alex Chranowski

Centennial High School Team

  • Kari Hess
  • Matt Stapp
  • Nick Sheehan
  • Karen Houghton
  • Adam Hewitt
  • Nick Sheehan
  • Micah Jordan

Wyld Life

  • Trip Doster
  • Sarah and Johnny Thomas
  • Pam Haight
  • Roswell High School juniors and seniors
  • Milton High School juniors and seniors

Interested in being a volunteer leader?

There is always a great need for more Young Life Leaders!
Email tripperd@gmail.com if you have any questions about being a Young Life volunteer leader.

The Role of a Young Life Leader

Our leaders are committed to being involved with kids' lives-- from supporting them at sporting events, to listening as they talk about what's important in their lives.  Leaders help kids consider the direction they are heading in, and, through Christ, they offer hope for the future.

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